Dr. Kristi Shook Slack Appointed New Director

The University of Wisconsin-Madison proudly announces the appointment of Dr. Kristi Shook Slack as Director of the School of Social Work, following a two year term as Associate Director

Professor Slack is a nationally recognized expert on the intersection of welfare and child protective service (CPS) systems, as well as on the role of poverty in the etiology of child neglect.  She was one of the first researchers to explore how federal welfare reforms during the 1990s affected CPS systems. She has been PI or Co-PI of over $1.6 million of support for her research.


In addition to serving as the School’s Director, Dr. Slack will continue in her role as the co-Director of the Center on Child Welfare Policy and Practice, an interdisciplinary research collaboration between the School of Social Work and the Institute for Research on Poverty.  She has also recently been named Associate Director of the Policy Institute for Family Impact Seminars.

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