Part-Time MSW Program Faculty

Title Position E-mail Telephone
Tasha Alexander, MSW Adjunct Field Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Peg Banks, MSW, APSW Adjunct Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Sara Boughton, LCSW Adjunct Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Diane Brandt, MSW, CAPSW Academic Advisor, Part-Time MSW Program (715) 836-3603
Jennifer Braunginn, MSW, CISW Field Faculty Associate
Lindsay Brekke, MSW, LSW Adjunct Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Audrey Conn, MSSW, APSW

Clinical Associate Professor and Director of Field Education (608) 265-6924
Annette Copa, MSW, LCSW Lecturer (Eau Claire) (715) 492-1439
Rachel Dunn, MSW, LCSW Adjunct Lecturer
Heather Edge, MSW, LCSW Adjunct Lecturer
Alice Egan, MSW Lecturer
Jennifer Fahy, A.M. Lecturer
Heidi Frank, MSW, LCSW Field Faculty Associate (Eau Claire)
Brenda Heideman, LCSW Adjunct Lecturer
Michelle Helmer, MSW Part-Time MSW Program Site Director, Eau Claire (715) 836-5365
Meghan M. Henderson, MSW, LCSW Adjunct Lecturer
Alan Irgang, MSW, LCSW Lecturer
Daniel Kigeya, MSSW Lecturer (608) 628-4240
Betty J. Kramer, MSSW, Ph.D.

Professor, Associate Director and Director of the Part-Time MSW Program (608) 263-3830
Nicole Kruschke Part-Time MSW Program Office Manager-Eau Claire (715) 836-2777
Amy Kucin, LCSW, SACIT Adjunct Lecturer
Nicole Lairson Student Status Examiner Senior (608) 263-3576
Cynthia McMillan, MSSW, LCSW, SAC Academic Advisor, Part-Time MSW Program (608) 263-6330
Julie Messenger, MSW, LICSW Adjunct Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Michelle Murray, MSW, LCSW Adjunct Lecturer
Amanda Neckar, MSW, LCSW Adjunct Field Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Amanda Ngola, MSW, LCSW Clinical Assistant Professor and Field Education Coordinator (608) 265-4570
Jeanne Nutter, MSW Field Faculty Associate (Eau Claire) (715) 829-5705
Leah Olson-McBride, Ph.D. Assistant Professor at UW-Eau Claire
Holly Pagel, MSW, LCSW Field Faculty Associate
Teri Phalin, MSW, M.Ed. Adjunct Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Mechele Pitt, MSSW, LICSW, LCSW Lecturer
Russell Portier, M.Ed.

Assistant to the Directors (608) 263-3616
Alejandra Ros Pilarz, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Jennifer Rubin, MSW Adjunct Lecturer
John Sabino, MSW Adjunct Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Roxanne Sanderson, MSW, LICSW Adjunct Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Amy Scarr, MSSW, APSW Adjunct Lecturer
Amy Schmitz, MSW Lecturer
Tracy Schroepfer, MSW, Ph.D.

Professor (608) 263-3837
Jake Schuldies, LCSW Adjunct Lecturer
Tiffany Scully, MSW, CAPSW Adjunct Lecturer
Matt Steigerwald, MSW Adjunct Field Lecturer
Ashley Sturz, MSW Adjunct Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Naomi Takahashi, MSW, LCSW Adjunct Field Lecturer
Teresa Thomas, MSW Lecturer
Zachary Todd, MSW Lecturer (Eau Claire)
Stephanie Van Pay, MSSW Part-Time MSW Program Coordinator (608) 265-4569
Angela Willits, MSW, LCSW Clinical Assistant Professor (608) 262-4630
Thomas Wirth, MSSW Lecturer (Eau Claire) (715) 839-4870
Amanda Zuehlke, MSW, APSW Field Faculty Associate

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