Isthmus: Does this sound like you? New media campaign seeks to find and help men who abuse their partners

In late 2015, Mitch hit a new low. On this night, he came home late from being out with his friends after a stressful workday. His wife, Sarah, who was three months pregnant, asked why he hadn’t come home earlier. She threatened to leave him. An argument ensued, and Mitch shoved her to the ground.


On the night Mitch threw Sarah to the ground, the police showed up, arresting Mitch for domestic abuse. And Sarah packed her bags, moving out of state to be closer to her family for the rest of the pregnancy. Mitch was facing jail time and on the verge of losing the woman he loved just months before he would become a father. Then his defense attorney threw him a lifeline.


“He asked me if I thought I was abusive and if I wanted to get help,” says Mitch. “I told him I did. He said he knew the perfect guy and referred me to Darald.”


Darald Hanusa runs the Alternatives & Treatment for Abusive Men (or ATAM), developed at the Midwest Domestic Violence Resource Center. In just a few weeks, Mitch will have completed the yearlong batterers treatment program.

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