Marah A. Curtis, MSW, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Columbia University, 2005

MSW, Hunter College, 1995
B.F.A., Marymount Manhattan College, 1990

Office Address: 
303 School of Social Work
(608) 263-3838
Effects of public policy on the well-being of children and families with particular emphasis on housing policy, incarceration and poverty

Marah Curtis’ research focuses on the health, housing stability and living arrangements of economically vulnerable families and individuals. She examines how benefit policies and contextual factors affect well-being with a particular focus on the impact of incarceration and housing policies. Given the varying rules governing housing and other benefit policies, she pays particular attention to how program guidelines may impact decision making around living arrangements and family formation. Her research brings renewed focus to an understudied but vital benefit by considering housing subsidies within the context of the larger housing market. Bridging research in housing policy with work focused on the impact of welfare benefits, her empirical approach includes both contextual and individual level factors that are particularly important in the lives of disadvantaged families.


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