Melissa Waldo, MSW ’08, Works to Empower Latina Girls

Every Monday night, teenage Latina girls meet at the Sixteenth Street Community Health Center in Milwaukee, WI. They participate in the SEED Program (Self-esteem. Empathy. Empowerment. Discovery of Self) Program, a support group led by alum Melissa Waldo.


The group allows Latina teens to learn new skills and support each other as they confront life events that cause stress and challenges. As Melissa explains:


“Typically, (the girls) are referred by a colleague in behavioral health or by a medical provider, They may have had some change in their life that adversely affected them — a parent left, or they changed schools, and they can’t sleep or are moody.


One participant, Mariana, shared how the group experience transformed her feelings and her life. “It helped me realize that I wasn’t the only one who had problems,” she says. “And it helped me feel more confident. I met people who have been my friends to this day.”

For more information see the article, “Seeds of Hope” in a recent article in M, Milwaukee's Lifestyle Magazine.

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