Part-Time Field Program

Program Overview

Students are placed in Field Units and then are placed in social work practice settings tied to that field unit. Field Units provide a conceptual base for practice as well as a supportive environment to learn, critique, and consult.  

  • Field Units are organized around a social problem area or a field of practice or a client population. Each unit has a range of field placement agencies and settings appropriate to its theme.
  • The field education experience for Generalist Practice MSW students is designed to provide a generalist practice perspective and direct practice experience. The focus is on learning and applying analytic and interventive skills within an ethically based, problem-focused approach. Such an approach affords opportunities for a variety of system interventions within a particular practice situation.
  • Advanced Generalist Practice MSW students field education experience shifts its focus to advanced practice skill development and provides an integrated way to link field experiences with course work in the context of the student's specialization and focus area.
  • Field faculty have scholarly as well as professional involvement in their particular areas of expertise; many have made influential contributions to social work practice.


For More Information

For addition resources on field units, the agencies they work with, and field course expectations see the Field Education Handbook. You may also wish to check the Part-Time Field Program Frequently Asked Questions. Field unit availability may vary from year to year because of personnel changes, funding, or curriculum needs. Please be aware of deadlines and other Important Dates for the Field Program. Current students should visit our Policies and Forms section for important information.

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