PhD Students

Title Faculty Advisor(s) Interests
Marissa Abbott Kristen Shook Slack, A.M., Ph.D. Child maltreatment prevention, social determinants of health, child adversity and resilience, injury and violence prevention, social epidemiology, program evaluation.
Kristy Anderson Tracy Schroepfer, MSW, Ph.D. The economic security of people with autism and their families across the life course.
Yixia Cai Lawrence M. Berger, MSW, PhD

Poverty and inequality; child and family well-being; household assets and debts, the intersection of family structure, economic resources, and social policy

Emma Carpenter Stephanie A. Robert, MSW, Ph.D. Social policy, health policy, social determinants of health, health disparities and access, specifically related to reproductive health
Molly Costanzo Katherine Magnuson, Ph.D. Programs and policies that support low-income families; and work-family policies for families of children with disabilities
Yonah Drazen Lawrence M. Berger, MSW, PhD Causes and prevention of child maltreatment; issues affecting the child welfare workforce
Patricia Egan Stephanie A. Robert, MSW, Ph.D. Gerontology, specifically community factors to support aging in place in rural areas; health disparities; policy and program evaluation
Tora Frank Katherine Magnuson, Ph.D. Educational attainment of underrepresented students, program evaluation
Ángela María Guarín Aristizábal Daniel R. Meyer, MSW, Ph.D. Poverty policy, minorities, social inequality, economic well-being of complex families and households.
Youhung Her-Xiong Tracy Schroepfer, MSW, Ph.D. Culturally appropriate end of life care, hospice care, health care, disease, aging, and culture competency
Lanikque Howard Maria Cancian, Ph.D. Family dynamics of low-income working women and men, mental health and health disparities in minority communities
Meghan Jenkins Morales Stephanie A. Robert, MSW, Ph.D. Institutionalization prevention through home and community based services; social and economic inequality across the life course; productive and social engagement in later life; organizational culture change to support diversity and inclusion
Young Sun Joo Katherine Magnuson, Ph.D. Poverty, socioeconomic inequality, asset-building policies, and social policies for low-income households
Emma Kahle Lawrence M. Berger, MSW, PhD Parenting, family complexity, and child and adolescent well-being; intimate partner violence; international social work and refugee populations
HeeJin Kim Maria Cancian, Ph.D. health and education outcomes of the child protective services (CPS) population; trauma-informed care; role of court system for CPS population; social welfare policy
Laura Klunder Tracy Schroepfer, MSW, Ph.D. Social justice, equity and inclusion, primary violence prevention, family preservation, intercountry adoption, aging, end-of-life
Victoria Knoke Tracy Schroepfer, MSW, Ph.D. Aging, end-of-life, developmental disabilities
Hana Lee Lawrence M. Berger, MSW, PhD Child abuse and neglect, prevention of child maltreatment, domestic violence, family resilience, child and family education, permanency, evidence-based practice, and community social work and poverty
Ying-Chun Lin Katherine Magnuson, Ph.D. Poverty issues related to child well-being, early childhood education and intervention, and program evaluation
Mai Miksic Katherine Magnuson, Ph.D. Early education childhood interventions, family involvement in school readiness, achievement gaps, and immigrant children
Luke Muentner Lawrence M. Berger, MSW, PhD Residential mobility and instability, highly mobile children and families, and housing related policy; incarceration, children of incarcerated parents, and criminal justice related intervention and policy
Eun Ha Namkung Jan Steven Greenberg, MSSW, Ph.D.

Aging, caregiving, health services/policies for older adults

June Paul Lawrence M. Berger, MSW, PhD Youth aging out of foster care; Intersectionality and disproportionality among dimensions of race, class, sexual orientation and gender identity in child welfare; Strategies for improving outcomes and providing effective services to LGBTQ young people involved in social service systems; Policy and program evaluation
Liz Premo Katherine Magnuson, Ph.D. Poverty and child development; family well-being; early childhood care and education; disparities in school readiness; language and literacy development; and prevention science
Rachel Reynders Kristen Shook Slack, A.M., Ph.D.

Prevention of child abuse and neglect; the interruption of intergenerational cycles of child maltreatment; and child trauma and mental health.

Michelle Turner Stephanie A. Robert, MSW, Ph.D. Health care policy for certified nurse midwives, and barriers to utilizing current health services research to heath care policy.
Lisa Klein Vogel Maria Cancian, Ph.D. Poverty policy; child support; access and visitation; child abuse and neglect; foster care; disparities and disproportionalities in child welfare; and incarceration
Sakara Wages Marah A. Curtis, MSW, Ph.D. Housing policy, child welfare, interventions for transition-aged youths, and prevention and intervention sciences.
Melody Waring Maria Cancian, Ph.D. Public assistance and welfare reform; the intersection of public policy, low-wage work, and caregiving; and feminist theory and methods in social work research.

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