Practice Skills Lab

The primary purpose of the School of Social Work's Practice Skills Lab is to provide students with a state-of-the-art technological environment that fosters learning, offers an arena for demonstration of skill acquisition and promotes professional social work practice.

Technology available in the Lab offers students and faculty the opportunity to videotape simulation exercises, role plays and other courses assignments designed to help students learn best practices and skill development.

On this page, you will find information on lab hours, obtaining technology assistance, guidelines for lab use and a link to scheduling a lab room. The Practice Skills Lab is only for use by students in Social Work courses under the direction of a Social Work instructors. 

Room Reservations

Students may now schedule time with the Practice Skills Lab! Visit the PSL Room Reservations page for instructions.

Evening Reservation

If you schedule an evening appointment and find yourself locked out of the School of Social Work building, please call 608-890-0233 for assistance.

The Practice Skills Lab on the 4th floor of the School of Social Work building is a private space - entering the floor without a reservation may trigger an alarm. Always use the elevator. If the elevator is broken, call 608-890-0233 to make sure the floor is unlocked, or check with a staff member.

Lab Guides
Lab Assistance

If you need technical help while you are using the Lab, please speak with the Lab Assistant, who is located on the fourth floor just past the restrooms. You may also contact them at

Courtesy/Rules to Follow
  1. Please do not eat or drink in the Skills Lab.
  2. Please do not sit on the tables.
  3. Please put the room back the way you found it when you are done with your work.
  4. Please be sure that the lights are turned off when you are finished with a room.
  5. Please be sure you are not the only person using the lab.  If you do not have a student colleague with you, be sure a lab assistant is working on the floor.
  6. Please note that even if the rooms are not being used, the Skills Lab is not designed for use as study space.

If you have questions or feedback, please email Bill Heiss at:

Notice regarding privacy

Videos created in the Lab or uploaded to the Lab's server are not anonymous. Administrators will regularly review videos to ensure the technology is being used appropriately. Cameras and microphones in the Lab space are viewable to anyone with access while the room is not actively recording. Please be aware that conversations held in these rooms may not be private.