Social Work Practice in Child & Family Welfare: Public, Private, and Educational Settings

Part-Time MSW Program Advanced Practice Field Unit

This Advanced Practice Children, Youth, and Families field unit offers all students social work content on child welfare and other family services in public, private, and educational settings. It offers Advanced Practice Year students an opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in Advanced Practice areas and to strengthen generalist areas as needed.


Child and family welfare is the promotion of family well-being. Children are viewed as an integral part of the family unit, benefiting from the family's well-being and as persons with rights. This Field Unit's approach to child and family welfare includes attention to the family as a whole and to the factors that influence its well-being, such as socioeconomic status, economic and/or socio- cultural opportunity or oppression; resources for health care, education, housing, etc; and public sector service delivery. Participation in this field unit requires tolerance for ambiguity, an ability to be somewhat autonomous, a willingness to be open and to take some risks, and a sense of humor. Its perspective is on generalist social work practice in public, private, and educational settings with a focus on a continuum of intervention strategies from the individual to the organization and community.


Combined with the field seminar, all field placement settings provide opportunities to learn generalist social work roles at initial or advanced levels in child and family services with individuals, groups and/or families, including support, counseling, education; advocacy, case management, inter-agency participation, contributing to a humane and effective agency environment, working towards a just and supportive community environment. Some settings provide other opportunities, such as program development, workshop presentation, grants, planning, etc. All settings, combined with the field seminar, provide the opportunity to acquire the required competencies.


Students who have a strong interest in becoming licensed as School Social Workers in the State of Wisconsin will be expected to develop a portfolio during the seminar, which will meet one of the primary requirements for licensure.

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