Social Work Practice in Community Agencies

Part-Time MSW Program Generalist Field Unit

This unit provides opportunities to work with human service agencies and community programs. The practice perspective is generalist social work in direct service to individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. The primary purpose of the field placement and seminar is to provide generalist practice opportunities for the development, integration and application of key competencies that are met through measureable practice behaviors. Theory and concepts learned in the classroom are integrated with practice opportunities, fostering the implementation of evidenced-informed practice.


The emphasis in this unit is upon problem solving and multi-method, evidenced-informed interventions with active consultation, support, and teamwork from the student unit, agency staff, faculty, and other professional relationships. The integrative seminar provides an arena for faculty lectures, student presentations, guest presentations, and other seminar activities. Content areas include: child and family welfare, learning styles, ethical dilemmas and ethical decision making, diversity, at-risk populations and implications for social work practice, cultural competence, social justice and human rights, violence prevention, some alcohol and other drug abuse and mental health, crisis intervention, AIDS network services, program development, educational and advocacy services, and social work in the workplace.

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