Social Work Practice in Health and Aging

Part-Time MSW Program Advanced Practice Field Unit

The Health and Aging unit provides practice experiences in agency, community, health care and institutional settings that serve older adults and a myriad of patient populations and specialty areas. Students acquire skills in psychosocial assessment, resource coordination, care management, crisis intervention, and counseling. Collaboration as members of an interdisciplinary team, discharge planning, linking with community resources, patient education, and advocacy are some of the major tasks and functions performed by students. Supervised experience and dynamic learning in both the field setting and the integrative seminar creates opportunities for students to acquire and develop the knowledge, skills, ethics, and values essential to the role of working with clients in a health care and/or gerontological setting. The primary objective of the field experience is to develop advanced practice skills. The primary goal of the integrative seminar is to broaden the relationship between academic course work and clinical and other practice experience.

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