Social Work Practice in Public and Private Child Welfare (for Generalist Practice Year including those in the IV-E Program)

BSW Field Unit
Full-Time MSW Program Generalist Field Unit
Full-Time MSW Program Advanced Practice Field Unit
This is both a public and private social service agency unit with practice including both direct and indirect services to clients. Most students are involved in direct practice which includes services to both voluntary and involuntary clients. Services include group and individual work, case management, client advocacy and case planning. Indirect services may include program planning, administration and evaluation. Placements in the public sector will include both child protection and foster care related positions.
Participating Agencies: 
Public agencies may be located in a variety of surrounding counties, both urban and rural. Direct service placements for IV-E students provide skills in Child Protective Services Access, Initial Assessment, Foster Care and Ongoing Child Welfare Services. Field Placements for other child welfare students are varied and could include placements in community centers, family service organizations, wrap-around services or residential treatment programs.

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