Social Work Practice in Public Child Welfare (for Advanced Practice Year students in the IV-E Program)

Full-Time MSW Program Advanced Practice Field Unit
This field unit is a public human/social service agency unit with practice including both direct and indirect services with clients. Students are involved in child welfare and child protective services, juvenile delinquency, foster care and community social work. Placement activities include child protective services initial assessment, family assessment, case planning, individual and family counseling, case management, juvenile court services, foster care services, neighborhood and community services and overall program planning. Students gain a solid understanding of the place of a public social service agency in the human services/child and child welfare system. Placements provide skills in case assessment and planning, case management, counseling, court services, group work and community resource networking.
Participating Agencies: 
Field Placements locations for the field unit include: County Human Service/Social Service offices in Columbia, Dane, Green, Iowa, Jefferson, Rock and Sauk Counties and include the following specializations: Foster Care, Child Welfare, Child Protective Services, Access, Initial Assessments, and Ongoing Services.

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