Social Work Student Union

The Social Work Student Union is a graduate-undergraduate student group for students to join together around issues of common concern, to be represented in the governance of the School, to organize lectures and colloquia, and to socialize and share experiences in the program. Student Union representatives have a vote at faculty meetings and are invited to serve on all School Standing Committees (except the Admissions Committee), including the Field Committee and PCC.


When they have served as members of the Curriculum Committee, students have been actively involved in the major curriculum revisions of the professional programs which have taken place over the years. Students have also assumed very active roles in the area of minority student recruitment and retention. In addition, the Student Union has organized workshops and special guest lectures with regard to AIDS and has been active in gay and lesbian rights. Students actively participated in the School's strategic planning.


Students have a major role in the annual New Student Orientation and the Field Fair. As part of the orientation process for newly entering students, continuing MSW students who are members of the Student Union participate in the orientation program and sponsor welcoming activities for new students. Students also assume an important role in the annual Field Fair, which is designed to inform incoming students about field placement options within the School.


Students of color have been active in their support of the efforts of the School's Committee on Diversity. They provide ongoing input into the Committee's activities, form calling committees to recruit prospective students and assist with campus visits and orientations.


Contact the group's advisor, for more information as well as meeting times and dates.

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