Social Workers for International Outreach (SWIO)

Faculty Advisor: 
Joe Dooley, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: 
Tally Moses, MSW, Ph.D.

Social Work has a history as an international profession and social work practice is becoming standardized internationally. This web page is part of a growing network of Universities, academic programs, faculty, and students, who are dedicated to the promotion of international social work through educational opportunities, volunteer placements, and international social work job opportunities.


History of SWSIO

SWSIO was created by students in 1989. The organization aims to create an environment in which social work students and faculty are able to:

  • exchange information and learn about social work practice and social and political issues affecting human development and welfare in other countries.
  • facilitate awareness and cooperation between persons of different nations.


Objectives of SWSIO

  • Facilitate education, practice, and research opportunities in international settings.
  • Provide information to the student body about international issues with implications for social work.


To meet these objectives the group has sponsored and facilitated a variety of activities:
book drives for the library of the former School of Social Work program at Ho Chi Minh University in Vietnam; Christmas card to benefit women's cooperatives in Bangladesh; a "Boots for Bosnia" project in association with World Reach; a "Walk for Peace" in El Salvador.


Each year Brown Bags and Colloquia presented by faculty, students, and practitioners have been regular activities. More importantly, the group serves as a clearinghouse, support group and information network for those students who enter the School of Social Work with international experience and interests.


The group also fosters relationships with the international students within the student body and has also opened participation to undergraduates and graduates from other departments.


Student representatives of SWSIO serve on the faculty's International Committee and help plan activities which serve both student and faculty interests.


Contact the group's advisors, for more information as well as meeting times and dates.

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