MSW Advising

Advisors work with graduate students to select their specialization, assist in interpreting regulations and requirements, and provide guidance about career opportunities. Please review the Advising Compact before your appointment.

MSW Advising Compact

Mutual respect should govern the interactions between advisors and students. Students and advisors have advising responsibilities to prepare for, actively participate in, and take appropriate action following advising sessions.

  • It is the student's responsibility to take advantage of advising services and associated resources.
  • Students are responsible for understanding the requirements of the degree program and returning various program forms by the deadlines.
  • Students are responsible for knowing the rules of the Graduate School that govern master's-level graduate students.

Advising information provided to students must be accurate, accessible, and timely.

Social Work Advisors
  • integrate and interpret the rules and regulations of the Graduate School and MSW program;
  • help students identify appropriate courses both in and out of the School;
  • help students plan their schedules and organize their programs of study;
  • serve as intermediaries between the Graduate School and MSW students to negotiate possible exceptions to Grad School requirements, course load requirements, and dual or joint degree planning, when appropriate;
  • link students with relevant faculty members for independent study projects;
  • provide students with information about job opportunities and career options, and link students with appropriate faculty for additional professional advisement.


Helpful Advising Documents

The Student Resources section contains links to all of our important documents for the MSW Programs and Field Education, as well as the Student Rights & Responsibilities, Grading Policies, and more!

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