Grades and Grading Policies

The table below illustrates the general approach to grading practices in the School. Specific grading criteria for classroom and field course grades and expectations are found in each course syllabus. These may can vary from and supersede the grading rubric in the table below.

Grade Points

Classroom Expectation /
Course Outcome

Field Course Expectation /
A 94-100 Outstanding, surpasses expectations in all areas Outstanding, frequently surpasses expectations in all areas
AB 88-93 Surpasses expectations in most areas Very good to superior/excellent performance in all areas
B 82-87 Surpasses expectations in some areas Good performance in most areas
BC 76-81 Meets expectations in most areas; above in others Minimum needed to pass the course
C 70-75 Meets expectations in most areas Below minimum performance standards/expectations in several areas, or major deficits in two areas
D 64-60 Below expectations in all areas Below expectations in many areas and may not continue in field and programs
F < 64 Fails to meet minimal expectations in all areas, not acceptable work Failing grade, below expectations in all areas and may not continue


MSW Grading Policies

Grades of C are accepted only if they are offset by an equal number of credits of A. Students who receive more than two grades of C or grades of D or F will be dropped from the program. The Graduate School requires that students maintain an overall GPA of 3.0. Grades of Incomplete are not considered satisfactory progress if they are not removed during the next enrolled semester. The Graduate School places any student who receives a grade of BC or C on any 300 level or above course, or has an incomplete on probation until the incomplete is removed or the overall GPA reaches the 3.0 requirement.

        Field Grade. As with classroom courses, criteria for the field grade are found in the syllabi for the Field Practice and Integrative Seminars. Students who receive a grade of C in the Field and Integrative Seminar courses may continue only with permission of the faculty and may not offset the grade with a grade of A.

BSW Grading Policies

As with classroom courses, criteria for the field grade are found in the syllabi for the Field Practice and Integrative Seminars (SW 400 and SW 401). BSW students are expected attain a minimum grade of BC in each field seminar course.

NOTE: For additional important information regarding field grades MSW and BSW students should review the section “Significance of the Field Grade” found in the Field Handbook.