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An important feature of the Public Child Welfare Training Program is a colloquium series featuring outstanding national scholars in child welfare and local child welfare experts. Each expert:

  1. Presents a public lecture on a topic related to child welfare;
  2. Is available for consultation with students, faculty, state and local partner practitioners, and agency administrators; and
  3. Offers staff development opportunities for our partner agency practitioners and administrators.


Agency staff who participate in the dialogue sessions and/or consultations in agencies receive continuing education credits that meet the requirements of ongoing professional social work certification and licensure.



Title IV-E Public Child Welfare Dialogues

Year Semester Presenter Affiliation Topic (link to flyer, if available) Video (if available)
2018 Spring Gerald Mallon, DSW Hunter College Policies and Practices in Child Welfare: A 21st Century Vision Watch
2017 Fall Jared I. Best, MSW Portland State University I Decided to Work With the System: Enhancing Social Support Networks of Youth in Care Watch
2017 Spring Susan Notkin, MSSW Center for the Study of Social Policy Youth Thrive: A Pathway to Well-being for Youth in Foster Care Watch
2016 Fall

Joshua Mersky, Ph.D.


Gabriel McGaughey, MSW


Dimitri Topitzes, Ph.D.

Institute for Child & Family Well-Being

Moving the Needle: Evaluating and Promoting Well-being in the Child Welfare System Watch
2016 Spring Jill Duerr Berrick, Ph.D. University of California-Berkeley The grass is always greener (or is it?): Reflections on international comparative child welfare Watch
2015 Fall Emily Putnam-Hornstein, Ph.D. University of Southern California Predictive Risk Modeling: A Tool for Child Protection? Watch
2015 Spring Mark Courtney, Ph.D. University of Chicago Research on the Transition to Adulthood for Foster Youth: Implications for Policy and Practice Watch
2014 Fall Lawrence Berger, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison Understanding the Link Between Income and Child Maltreatment Watch
2014 Spring Jennifer Bellamy, Ph.D.
University of Chicago
Fathers and Child Welfare: From Gaps to Opportunities
2013 Fall Richard P. Barth, Ph.D. University of Maryland Outcomes After Child Welfare Services: How Much Are We Helping? Watch
2013 Spring Melinda Hohman, Ph.D., MSW San Diego State University Resistance or Discord: Motivating Unhappy Clients Watch
2012 Fall Alan Dettlaff, Ph.D., MSW University of Illinois at Chicago Disentangling Disproportionality: Race, Poverty, and the Overrepresentation of Children of Color in the Child Welfare System Watch
2012 Spring

Claudette Braxton, LMSW C/M, LCSW


Danita Echols, MSW


Debraha Watson, Ph.D.

Various in Detroit Growing Up In the Care of Strangers: The Experiences, Insights, and Recommendations of Former Foster Kids
2011 Fall Gerald Mallon, DSW Hunter College Let's Get This Straight: What Child Welfare Professionals Need to Know About Developing Competent Practice Skills with LGBTQ Children, Youth, and Families  
2011 Spring Seth Pollack, Ph.D. UW Madison Psychology Child Abuse and the Developing Brain  
2010 Spring Brenda Smith, Ph.D. Univ of Alabama Challenges at the Front Lines: Will Child Welfare Practice Ever Be Innovative, Evidence-Based, or Family Centered?  
2009 Fall David Pate, Jr., Ph.D. UW Milwaukee School of SW Fatherhood: Six Men, One City"  
2009 Fall Wayne D. Duehn, MSW, Ph.D., LCSW Univ of Texas at Arlington The Eldorado Case: Lessons Learned - Program, Policy, Practice, Ethical and Cultural Issues and Implications for Child Welfare  
2009 Spring Judge Shelley Gaylord Dane County Circuit Court No Title  
2008 Spring Susan Wells, Ph.D. Univ of Minnesota The Influence of Case Types and Race on Case Outcomes  
2007 Fall Dorothy Roberts, JD Northwestern Univ Law School and Dept of Sociology The Racial Geography of Child Welfare  
2007 Spring Aron Schlonsky, MSW, MPH, Ph.D. Univ of Toronto Social Work Evidence Informed Practice in Child Welfare: Risk Assessment and Beyond  
2005 Fall Kathleen Faller, Ph.D., ACSW Univ of Michigan Interdisciplinary Child Welfare Work  
2005 Spring Waldo Johnson, Jr., Ph.D. Univ of Chicago Fathers & Child Welfare: Strengthening Parental Involvement & Enhancing Family Support  
2004 Spring Mark Test  Rock County Encouraging Child Welfare Innovation Through IV-E Waivers  
2004 Fall David Pate, Jr., Ph.D. UW Milwaukee School of SW Fathers & Child Welfare  
2003 Fall Wendy Haight, Ph.D. Univ of Illinois Understanding & Supporting Parent-Child Relationships During Foster Care Visits: Attachment Theory & Research  
2003 Spring Leslie Hollingsworth, Ph.D., ACSW, CSW Univ of Michigan School of Social Work Transracial Adoption: Then & Now  
2002 Fall Richard P. Barth, Ph.D. UNC Chapel Hill Child Welfare & Race: Toward Understanding Racial Disproportionality  
2002 Spring Anthony Maluccio Boston College School of Social Work The Future of Child Welfare: A Cross National Perspective  
2001 Fall David Berns & Kathy Briar-Lawson El Paso County (Michigan) DHS &
SUNY at Albany School of Social Welfare
Connections: Child Welfare & Community Partnerships AND Agency-Based Research & Evaluation of Social Work Practice  


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