Social Welfare (BA/BS) and Social Work (BSW)

Program Overview

The School of Social Work offers two majors: social welfare and social work. These majors prepare the student for further academic study or for employment in selected human service arenas.


The undergraduate curriculum provides an education in the social and behavioral sciences and their application to human problems. Majors in social welfare and social work receive a liberal arts education that prepares them to be informed citizens involved in human services or social welfare problems and policies.


Curriculum and Major Requirements

Please see the UW Undergraduate Guide for curriculum and major requirements details.


The Guide also has a list of approved Social Science Concentration courses for:


Please also review the School of Social Work's MSW & BSW Student Rights and Responsibilities.


About the Majors

Social Welfare Major

The social welfare major offers an overview of pressing, current social problems. Majors take courses in a variety of social sciences to enable them to view social welfare in its broad social, economic, and political contexts.

Undergraduate Requirements At-A-Glance (jpg)


All undergraduate students in good standing are eligible to enter the Social Welfare major. Sophomores should be enrolled in or have taken SW 205 and/or SW 206 to declare the major.


BSW Program

The Bachelor in Social Work (BSW) Program prepares students as beginning-level professional social workers. The curriculum objectives of the program are found below in the section on Professional Foundation Objectives. Typically, there are approximately 30-35 students accepted into the program each year.  Students apply in the Spring to enter the BSW program in the following fall.  Applicants must meet the following criteria to apply to the BSW Program, applicants must:

  • have completed Social Work 205 & 206
  • have completed or concurrent enrollment in an approved statistics class
  • be second-semester juniors (71 credits completed at the time of application)

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