Yiyu Chen

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Yiyu Chen is a doctoral candidate at the UW-Madison School of Social Work. Prior to pursing her doctoral studies, she conducted research on food insecurity for her master's thesis at the UW-Madison Department of Consumer Science. She was then admitted to the doctoral program in Social Welfare and began to work with Dr. Daniel R. Meyer and Dr. Maria Cancian in the Institute for Research on Poverty on various projects related to poverty, family structure, and child support. She has published studies exploring reasons for declines in child support orders in Wisconsin and patterns in awards of joint legal custody among parents of nonmarital children. She is currently investigating whether legal custody affects child support payments in nonmarital cases and the impact of the Great Recession on relationship dissolution. Her research interests include poverty, family structure, parental relationships, child support and custody.


Faculty Advisor(s): 
Daniel R. Meyer, MSW, Ph.D.
Welfare policy, child support, and economic well-being of fragile families

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