Post-MSW Opportunities

The Sandra Rosenbaum School of Social Work provides MSW Practitioners with an opportunity to make a career change into School or Clinical Social Work Practice. Our Post-MSW Opportunities also allow Master’s level Social Workers and others to take a course(s) for personal enrichment or to meet continuing education requirements in the state.

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If you have questions please contact the Part-Time Program Advisor, Latoya Kirton at (608) 263-6330 or

The following information is for practitioners who have an MSW degree and are seeking School Social Work licensure in the state of Wisconsin. To request more information, go to the How to Apply tab.


The 2 to 12-credit curriculum is based on the Wisconsin Department of the Public Instruction (DPI) standards and is designed to be completed ONLINE in one year.  Tuition is assessed per credit at the undergraduate level. For more tuition information please visit


Required Courses Credits Term
SW 644 Issues in Develop. Disabilities* 2 Spring
SW 646 Child Abuse and Neglect* 2 Fall
SW 612 Psychopathology in Gen SW Pract. 2 Summer
SW 861/815 SW Pract. in Schools I 1 Summer
SW 861/816 SW Pract. in Schools II 1 or 2 Fall
SW 861/817 SW Pract. in Schools III§ 3 Spring
Submit a portfolio – coordinated through SW 861/816 and SW 817 April 15

* Exemption available for applicants with Child Welfare experience and/or experience working with persons with disabilities

Exemption available if a comparable mental health course taken in MSW or applicant has relevant work experience in this area, the syllabus may be required.

Applicants who HAVE had a school field placement in their MSW take this course for 1 credit in the fall.

§ Only required by applicants WITHOUT previous field placement in a school. Applicants who have had a school field placement may opt to take for 2 credits, or not at all.

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The following information is for practitioners who have an MSW degree and are seeking to obtain their Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) but are in need of one or more of the Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) coursework requirements. To request more information, go to the How to Apply tab.

Below are courses that can be used to meet DSPS’ clinical coursework requirements available through our MSW Program:

SW 612 Psychopathology in Generalist SW Practice (2 credits)
SW 712 Psychopathology for SW Pract. in Mental Health (3 credits)
SW 742 Assessing and Treating Children and Adolescents (2 credits)
SW 870 Cognitive & Behavioral MH Treatment for Adults (2 credits)


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Social Work practitioners with their MSW and others are also able to take courses for professional development, to meet continuing education requirements or any other reason through our School. The full course catalog is available here. Interested applicants are encouraged to take a look at the course catalog prior to completing the application form as it will require you to identify the course(s) you are interested in taking. To request more information, go to the How to Apply tab.


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The cost of taking classes as a special student will be dependent on the number of credits you will be taking per semester and residency status. You may find more information regarding the cost of classes taken as a Special Student here: Please be aware that there are other costs associated with taking courses as a Special Student outside of just tuition. You can get a better sense of these other costs here: If you have questions about your Wisconsin residency status, you may find more information here:

Special Students may be eligible for scholarships through the Adult Career and Special Student Services (ACSSS). Please take a look at the various scholarships available through the ACSSS here: