Moving Past Failed Student Outcomes into Models of Success Conference to be Held Nov. 2

The School of Social Work is proud to share that the 2018 Moving Past Failed Student Outcomes into Models of Success conference, hosted by Sankofa-Educational Leadership United, will take place in Madison, Wisconsin on Friday, November 2 at the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center. The conference is targeted towards and will bring together early childhood educators, K-12 teachers, administrators, social workers, health professionals, elected officials, researchers, and representatives from colleges and universities, community and faith-based organizations, business and government entities who share are working to improve and advance the quality of life for Black children and children with disabilities and families through education and advocacy.
The conference is an opportunity for professionals, practitioners, and specialists to develop skills by listening and applying a multitude of perspectives.
When we are able to hear unique voiceschallenge old Ideas, and change the narrative, we become open to new solutions and opportunities.
The workshops will provide content that highlights voices in the fields of education, human services, and the private sector that are not often heard, but important to the advancement of our schools and communities. The conference will present diverse voices and strengths-based, action-oriented solutions that will help participants move their schools, neighborhoods, communities and states forward.Event Registration :

Your participation is strategically designed to help advance the following outcomes:

  • Offer Innovative curriculum and /or practices that support the learning and growth of our most underserved students and families.
  • Increased resources to improve and advance the quality of life for Minority children, children with disabilities and families
  • Increased outcomes of healthy minority children and/or children with disabilities whose social-emotional and brain development are supported holistically by their ecosystem
  • Increased access to high-quality early childhood education for Minority children and /or children with disabilities to ensure Kindergarten readiness and Trauma Informed Pedagogy
  • Increased number of educators effectively implementing Culturally-Responsive Practice
  • Increased number of Educators implementing developmentally appropriate discipline practices to respond to the needs of minority children and children with disabilities
  • Increased number of Minority and or children with disabilities reading at or above grade-level by Grade
  • Increased number of Minority children’s and students with disabilities that are high school graduates who are prepared for the workforce and post-secondary education
  • Increased number of engaged and empowered Minority families and community members in schools
  • Increase the number of highly qualified educators in the early childhood workforce
  • Increased number of Social Justice leaders and stakeholders at the helm of policy discussions that impact Minority children, children with disabilities and families
  • Increase the amount of culturally sensitive and culturally competent social workers that can co- create foster homes that honor and validate the identity of children
  • Decrease the infant mortality rate in the African American Community
For questions or additional information, please email or call our event coordinator at 608-535-5375