Full-Ride Scholarships Make MSW Degrees Attainable

Cassandra Theno

Jason Lee

Admissions to all MSW Programs Now Open!

Cassandra Theno has dreamed of becoming a social worker and receiving her MSW since watching her own mother, who has a degree in social work, assist people in need. After having funded her undergraduate degree, however, she wasn’t sure that her dream could become a reality.

Fortunately, a new scholarship in the School of Social Work makes affording an MSW a possible for Cassandra and other students with financial need.

The Harriet & Sandra Rosenbaum Scholarship provides a year of full tuition and fees plus a stipend for several full-time MSW students each year and provides two years of support for several part-time MSW students.

“The Harriet & Sandra Rosenbaum Scholarship will make a difference to me as I have overcome many hardships in my life as a young child, surviving through financial struggles to arrive at this point in my life,” Cassandra says. She wants to become a clinical social worker working with individuals with mental illness and substance abuse.

The intent of these full-ride scholarships is to encourage anyone who is interested in becoming a practicing social worker to apply for admissions regardless of their ability to fund their education.

Stephanie Robert and Joel Berman in front a photo honoring Sandy Rosenbaum

“The scholarship enables us to recruit and support students who have the passion and dedication to become social workers during a time when our world needs them the most,” says Stephanie Robert, director and professor of the School.

Joel Berman established the scholarships in honor of his late wife’s and mother-in-law’s dedication to the UW-Madison School of Social Work and to the profession. Ethel Sandra “Sandy” Rosenbaum received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology in 1972 and a master’s degree in social work from the university in 1976. Her mother, Harriet Abelson Rosenbaum, was a 1948 graduate of the university.

“This gift fulfills Sandy’s dream of honoring her mother by encouraging more students to pursue social work, thereby bringing more social workers into our communities,” says Joel.

Marjorie Lopez

“Without this opportunity, I do not know how else I would have been able to afford graduate school,” says Marjorie Lopez.

“Being a single mother and working full-time as a social worker in child protective services, I was hesitant to make the choice to return to school to further my higher education due to the cost. But thanks [to this scholarship], I am now able to do so.” Marjorie is starting in the MSW Part-Time Program this fall.

This scholarship aids newly accepted MSW students who have financial need and a long-term commitment to working in the social work profession following graduation.

With awards like the Harriet & Sandra Rosenbaum Scholarship as well as financial aid, the School is making strides towards more affordability, despite many years of declining state dollars for the UW.

If you are interested in social work, we urge you to consider applying to the School’s MSW programs. All applications for Fall 2019 admissions are now open. For more information about applying to our programs, please click here.

For more information about applying for Harriet & Sandra Rosenbaum Scholarship please click here.

In addition to the Rosenbaum scholarships, the School awarded 34 scholarships to students last year alone. For a full list of scholarships, awards, and other funding opportunities, please click here.