Get to Know: Eric Jan Seaberg, HR Payroll & Benefit Specialist

Eric Jan Seaberg

After five years at the school and eight years at UW-Madison, Eric retires at the end of October. Best of luck, Eric and enjoy your retirement!

Title: HR Payroll & Benefit Specialist

How long in your current position? How long at the school?
Five years in my current position and eight years at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Previously, Eric worked in the HR department at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in Madison.

What are you looking forward to most in retirement?
I also work for InterVarsity as a Native Ministry & Spiritual Formation Specialist – with a focus on prayer.  I plan on deepening & expanding my call as a spiritual elder in my community and my work with InterVarsity.

What hobbies/interests/work do you like to pursue outside of the school?
Indigenous artwork, gardening, folkdance, hiking, camping, XC-Skiing, canoeing and more travel once the pandemic subsides. Also working on an exhibit of four generations of Seaberg Family Sami & Swedish artists.