Get to Know: Michelle Helmer, Part Time MSW Program-Eau Claire Site Director

Photo of Michelle HelmerMichelle Helmer


Title: Part Time MSW Program-Eau Claire Site Director

How long in your current position? I have been the Eau Claire Site Director since 2016.

How long at the school? Seven years total former role was instructional.

What are the main reasons students, faculty, or staff would contact you for assistance?
As the Eau Claire Site Director my role is to ensure students, faculty, and staff feel supported! I work closely with instructors to support best practices in teaching. I enjoy meeting with students to discuss their experiences in our program, their success in achieving their learning goals and to help them navigate challenges they might encounter during their time in our program. In my role with student’s I also work closely with our Senior Academic Advisor, Mary Paulauskis. At the Eau Claire site, we are a small crew who keep things running smoothly on Saturday. Our office manager, Niki Kruschke, and I are here to take care of our students and instructors throughout the year!

What’s one effective (or ineffective) strategy you’ve used to work remotely during Covid?
Walking, planning virtual connections with co-workers, and listening to Michelle Obama’s podcasts and looking forward to checking out the Office Ladies podcast.

What’s a recent book, movie, tv show, podcast, or album (or other) you would recommend and why?
I love music and a broad genre of music from bands like Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Brandi Carlile, to XXXtentacion.  Recently I have been exploring the album by J.S. Ondara’s, Tales of America, which is amazing!

Hobbies/other interests:
Art, music, and travel adventures with my children, grandson, and our family dog Juniper (Juna).