Get to Know: Latoya Kirton, Academic Advisor – Part Time MSW Program

Photo of Latoya
Latoya Kirton

Latoya Kirton


Title: Academic Advisor – Part Time MSW Program

How long in your current position? How long at the school? Almost two years.

What are the main reasons students, faculty, or staff would contact you for assistance?
Advising related questions

What’s one effective (or ineffective) strategy you’ve used to work remotely during Covid?
Keep moving! Frequent breaks where I get up and move around has helped to keep me active and my days interesting.

What’s a recent book, movie, tv show, podcast, or album (or other) you would recommend and why?
Anand Giridharadas Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World. It was an amazing read! It turned everything I thought I knew about nonprofits and philanthropic foundations on it’s head and has really pushed me to rethink a lot related to social justice, and social work in general.

Hobbies/other interests:
Fitness, painting, and podcasting