Building Committee

Strategic Plan Progress Report Out April 2021

Committee Name: Building Committee

Committee Members: David Barger, Audrey Conn, Russ Portier, Courtney Bingham, Alan Irgang, Alejandra Ros Pilarz, Jason Lee, and Vicky Knoke

Strategic Plan Goal: Improve a sense of inclusion for our students, faculty, and staff

Objective 1: Enhance physical space(s) by promoting community building, creativity, and collaboration among faculty, students, and staff.

Progress on goal since February 2021

We have had several discussions with muralist Amira Caire (who co-painted the Tony Robinson mural at the UW Bookstore). She is interested in painting a mural for the SSW that commemorates the BLM movement/protest of the summer of 2020. We are trying to find a time that works for her work schedule (she is also a teacher) with hopes that she will paint this summer with the mural being completed by the start of fall semester 2021.

We have also worked with a space designer from EBI (our furniture supplier) to design a safe space on the westside of the 4th floor that will be part meeting space and part private study space that includes reliable WIFI and a comfortable area for students to share, create and work together.

With significant input from students, we selected and printed numerous photos of our faculty, staff, students, and special guests that hopefully demonstrates the school’s commitment to diversity and gives our hallways more of a community feel.