Caroline Miller Beidler, MSW ’16 Brings Her Commitment to Recovery to Others

Caroline Beidler headshot
Caroline Beidler

During her time in the MSW program, Caroline Miller Beidler was awarded the Texas Research Society on Alcoholism O’Neill Addiction Science Education Award for her research on stigma reduction and social support for recently deployed veterans. That award represents only a small part of her work in addiction and recovery prior to, during, and after her graduate degree.

Caroline is the former Director of Wisconsin Voices for Recovery, and past founder and Director of ED2Recovery, a nationally recognized program that connects peers (people in recovery) with those who need support. Through her current work as Director of Creative Consultation Services, LLC, she is actively engaged in program development, speaking engagements, media appearances, and writing to fight the stigma around addiction and other mental health issues.

I’m a grateful woman in recovery and the Founder and Managing Editor of Bright Story Shine

Caroline’s most recent efforts center on Bright Story Shine, an online community that “offers a storytelling platform for those who want to explore topics like addiction and mental health recovery, faith, and trauma.” Highlighting recovery and resilience, in addition to stories submitted and curated by Caroline, the platform provides a range of resources for those in recovery and professionals working in the field. In May, she will be hosting a virtual weekly skills group based on the evidence-based therapy model, Seeking Safety. For more information, see her resources page or subscribe to her newsletter.

Caroline and her family now live in Tennessee where she enjoys hiking in the mountains with her husband, chasing around her two-year-old twins, Henrick and Violet. Caroline is currently working on a book about trauma and her own personal recovery journey. She also recently joined the team of writers for the Grace and Grit Project: A Community for Women Sharing Wisdom from Life Lived and is a regular contributor at In the Rooms, the Global Recovery Platform.