Professor Emeritus Tom Corbett Publishes New Edition on Evidence-Based Policymaking

Professor Emeritus Tom Corbett and Karen Bogenshneider have reworked their well received 2011 volume on Evidence Based Policymaking: Envisioning a New Era of Theory, Research, Teaching and Practice. Based on new state-level data from legislators, a rethinking of their Community Dissonance Theory for explaining the communication breakdowns between scholars and policy makers, and an extensive updating of the relevant literature, the authors present fresh and innovative thinking on this critical topic. Based on seven decades of experience in the academic and policy worlds, they share with readers both innovative theoretical insights and practical steps for how researchers can best bridge the gap between the academy and the policy arena.

Tom Corbett is also a senior scientist emeritus and retired Associate Director of the Institute for Research on Poverty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He taught social policy, as well as consulted at all levels of government throughout his academic career.