Advanced Macropractice Students Create “Action for Justice” Websites

The Rights of Unaccompanied Children and Youth Conversion Therapy: we cannot change our authentic selves The Crusade for menstrual equity Ban Conversion Therapy in Wiscosin


In spring of 2021, and in the online environment required by COVID19, Advanced Macropractice (SW840) students advocated for change in the world by creating advocacy websites.

These Action for Justice projects show the vision, connections, commitments of these social workers and represent a great range of interest and information.

Each section of students voted for awards in “eye opening” and “action inspiring” categories.

Section 1 winners were Andrea (eye opening): The Rights of Unaccompanied Children and Youth and Tyler (action inspiring): Conversation Therapy: We cannot change our authentic selves.

The section 2 winners were Ada (eye opening): The Crusade for Menstrual Equity and Caitlin (action inspiring): Ban Conversation Therapy in Wisconsin.