Caroline Beidler’s, MSSW ’16, New Book Shares Her Road to Recovery and Offers Support for Others’ Journey

Headshot of Caroline Beidler wearing glasses and with blond hair over shoulders
Caroline Beidler

In her recent book, Downstairs Church: Finding Hope in the Grit of Addiction and Trauma Recovery, Caroline (Miller) Beidler, MSW ’16, shares her road to recovery from substance abuse and explores the problem of addiction and trauma for women today. With a spiritual bent (the “Downtown Church” part of the title refers to the many AA and other self-help groups that often take place in church basements), she highlights the freedom and hope that can be found in recovery.

Currently working with the Association of Recovery in Higher Education, Caroline works with Collegiate Recovery Programs (CRPs) and Collegiate Recovery Communities (CRCs) and students in or seeking recovery from addiction across the globe. She has been active in the recovery community for many years. During her time living in Madison, Caroline, who now lives in Tennessee, opened a recovery home for women and was the Director of Wisconsin Voices for Recovery.

You can find out more about Caroline and her work, and how to order here recent book at A supporter of local bookstores, Caroline suggests ordering at: A Room of Own’s Own.