Alan D. Wade, BA ’50, MSW ’52 (PhD University of Chicago), Reflects on His Education and Career, 73 Years After Graduation

I have warm feelings for my six years at the university.

At 96, Professor Alan Wade remembers taking classes with Helen I. Clarke, the first faculty member hired to teach social work at UW-Madison, Arthur Miles, Director at the time, and Werner Boehm. He explains that he, “continues to be a loyal, dyed in the wool Badger.”

After receiving his MSW in 1952, Alan worked for the State of Wisconsin in child welfare, eventually becoming the chief social worker at the former Wisconsin Diagnostic Center. He left Madison to get his PhD in social work at the University of Chicago and joined their faculty for nine years. He then became the Dean of the new School of Social Work at California State University in Sacramento where he continued to work for most of his career. Retiring in 1992, Alan shares that he, “continues to serve our campus as well as the CSU system since then.”

Although, “confessing to slowing down a bit in my 96th year,” Professor Wade continues to be involved with selected community activities to which he is especially devoted. Reflecting on a long-life, Alan feels very fortunate explaining, “So many that I have known through the years have left the planet!  I would claim to be somewhat lonely, except that my wife Lynda White is very active and takes good care of me. My daughter Lucia and her wife Monica are also strong supporters, as are many neighbors who are good friends. Although it is sometimes surprising to realize that I am still alive and relatively sentient, I do recognize it as being a profound privilege.”