Part-Time MSW Program Student Spotlight: Teddy Bah Montiel

The Part-Time MSW Program allows students who are not able to pursue full-time study to work towards a master’s degree on a structured, time-extended basis with classes delivered in a hybrid manner. Some courses are designed as blended courses with a mix of online learning and in-person sessions, while others are taught as online courses. In-person sessions take place every other Saturday on our Madison campus.

Headshot of Teddy Bah Montiel
Teddy Bah Montiel

Job title and organization:
I am the program director at Integrated Community Work, Inc (ICW), a non-profit that provides supported employment services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Year in the program: 2nd year advanced standing

Focus area: Mental Health

Future job interest:
I am interested in providing mental health services for the I/DD disability community. I’m not sure in what capacity yet but limited mental health services is an issue in many communities and that is even more for the I/DD community, and I think I can make some impact in this area.

Why did you choose the Part-Time Program?
The Part-Time Program allowed me the flexibility to work full-time. I am able to fulfill my dream of becoming a social worker and be able to provide support for my family by continuing to work. I like the fact that I don’t have to come to campus during the week because classes are on Saturdays. I am grateful the PTP is available for people in similar situations.

How would you describe your experience in the Part-Time MSW Program?
It’s been wonderful! The classes are engaging and informative, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on the quality of my education. There is so much diversity in the students, everyone is from different backgrounds and cultures, and I am blessed to learn and grow from my classmates.

What has been your favorite course so far in the program and why?
This one is tough! But I would say SW644 Issues with Developmental Disabilities with Lauren Bishop, the class was online but it was still very engaging. Even though I work with this population, every week I would learn new things and be surprised by some of the information, especially when it comes to early interventions.

How do you think the Part-Time MSW Program has prepared you for entering the field of social work?
I started the program as a second-year advanced standing, that is the point where we focus on the areas of interest, mine being mental health. Most of the classes are specific to that population and the field placement is a wonderful way to gain real-life experience. I am confident that the program has given me the skills and tools to provide effective service.

What would you say to someone who is considering the program?
If you are considering the program, go ahead and apply, it will allow you the flexibility to continue working and earn your degree. This program is a blessing.

What UW support services have you used during your time in the program and how did they help you?
I have used the library quite a bit, doing research and finding sources during assignments. It’s an immensely helpful service.