1973: The Waisman Center is Created

The Waisman Center is dedicated to conducting research and programs to benefit people with developmental disabilities. Its $45 million annual budget provides labs and research space for work that includes molecular and genetic research, clinical services and early childhood development.

Faculty from the School of Social Work have been instrumental in the operations of the Waisman Center since its establishment in 1973. Norma Berkowitz, a director of the field program at the School of Social Work, and Martin Loeb, a director of the School of Social Work, were early contributors to the center.

The Waisman Center was led by School of Social Work professor Marsha Mailick, who served as the director of the Waisman Center from 2002 until 2015.

Clockwise from top right, the UW Hospital and Clinics, UW Medical Foundation Centennial Building, American Family Children’s Hospital (AFCH) and Waisman Center are pictured in an aerial view of the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus during an autumn sunset on Oct. 5, 2011. The photograph was made from a helicopter looking north. (Photo by Bryce Richter / UW-Madison)