Board of Visitors

The Board of Visitors helps the school expand the magnitude and reach of efforts to engage with alumni. Members, who may be graduates or closely affiliated friends of the school, act as ambassadors and advocates of the school.

Current Members

Joyce Degenhart, PhD

Credentials: BSW ’57

Position title: Retired Doctor of Clinical Psychology

Fabiola Hamdan

Credentials: MSW '97

Position title: Immigration Specialist

Frances Huntley-Cooper

Credentials: MSSW ’74

Position title: Retired Social Worker; Former Mayor, Fitchburg, WI

Meeryoung Kim

Credentials: MSSW ’92, PhD '01

Position title: Professor

Stephanie Lozano

Credentials: MSW ’14

Position title: Vice Chair/ Tribal Liaison for the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families

Meghan Morrissey

Credentials: BA '83

Position title: Caregiver

Michael Schultz

Credentials: BSW ‘84

Position title: Grants Manager

Steven Tallant

Credentials: PhD ’85

Position title: Retired Higher Education Leader

Denise Blackdeer Wagner

Credentials: BA ’94, MSSW ’95

Michelle Watts

Credentials: BA ’90, MSSW '91

Position title: Licensed Clinical Social Worker