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Continuing Education

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Are there any specific topics I need to include in my 30 hours of Continuing Education hours?

Yes, the rules require that at least two hours be completed in social work ethics and two hours in issues concerning professional boundaries.

How do I get my CEUs?

CEUs may be obtained from any continuing education program (CEPs), if relevant to the professional practice of marriage and family therapy, professional counseling, or social work. For a list of specific approved CEPs please review the Continuing Education Requirements (MPSW 19.03 Approved continuing education) document.

When do I need to start accruing CEUs?

Social Workers are required to complete 30 hours of CEUs in the first full biennium (two-year credentialing cycle) after they are certified. All CEUs are earned during biennium’s (3.1.Odd Year – 2.28.Odd Year).
Optional to give an example:  For example, an MSW student graduates in May 2020. They become certified in June 2020 during the biennium (3.1.19-2.28.21). They will need to begin to earn CEUs beginning on 3.1.21 (after the biennium in which they became certified). This is only 9 months. If they become certified June 2021, need to start collecting CEUs on 3.1.23. That is 21 months or a little less than < 2 years.

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