Interprofessional Education Committee

Chair/Co-chairs: Audrey Conn & Tracy Schroepfer

Our committee had several discussions as to our DEI efforts.  We chose to focus on the following school goal:

#3 Equip our students, staff, faculty, alumni, and social work community partners to be social justice leaders who can address diversity, equity, and inclusion in their lives and careers. 


  • Advocate for IPE education modules’ content addressing social justice issues
  • Ensure that social work faculty participating in development of module content or facilitating modules be intentional about addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Continue increasing exposure of School of Social Work students to IPE education so they learn how to work effectively on diverse interprofessional teams

Action Steps

We will begin to meet our objectives beginning the summer of 2022 and into the fall academic year. Our action steps will include:

  • We (Audrey and Tracy) will begin to advocate for social justice issues within our meetings with CIPE representatives.
  • Jaime Goldberg will work with the UW Health Simulation Center to create/implement a module which includes a social justice issue as part of the scenario
  • Work on developing a method and process for social work faculty who participate in IPE module development to intentionally include issues of DEI
  • Create and implement a plan for increasing exposure to and participation of (via announcements of some sort) School of Social Work students in IPE education.