Non UW-Madison Undergraduates

Non UW-Madison Undergraduates

*If you attended UW-Madison at any point during your undergraduate years, please refer to UW-Madison undergraduates for how to count your UW-Madison social science credits.

  1. Request unofficial or official transcripts from any undergraduate institution you attended, including community colleges and baccalaureate granting colleges/universities.
    1. Transcripts are requested from each institution’s Registrar/ Student Records Office. Many school’s Registrar/Student Record Office webpages will show how to request your transcripts online. If you are unsure of how to do so, please call your Registrar/Student Records Office.
  2. For each transcript, access the respective school’s course catalog webpage.

IF: The course catalog lists the “Breadth” of each course taken as “Science,” “Humanities,” etc., OR symbol to denote how each class is listed..

  1. Count completed courses labeled: “Social Science”

IF: The course catalog does NOT list denote a courses classification, then..

  1. For each course you believe would be counted as social science, note the course description.
  2. Go to UW-Madison’s Course Guide, and search the course title in the Guide.
  3. If it appears UW-Madison teaches an equivalent course (similar Course Title AND Description), count classes at your institution which appear to have an equivalent course listed on UW-Madison’s Guide.
  4. Once you have counted the credits for all courses you believe could be counted as Social Science credits, input each institution name, Course Title, and Course Number into the form as a Word Document (Social Science Credit List)  or PDF (Social Science Credit List).

Email the form and copies of your transcripts to You will receive a follow-up email with verification of the number of social science credits you have completed.