Fabiola Hamdan

Credentials: MSW '97

Position title: Immigration Specialist

Headshot of Fabiola Hamdan

Fabiola Hamdan is a bilingual, bi-cultural senior social worker with Dane County Department of Human Services; she is the first Immigration Affairs Supervisor in the County. She has a M.S.S.W. from the University of Wisconsin—Madison. An immigrant from Bolivia, she is a strong advocate for the Immigrant community.  Fabiola provides outreach and resources to immigrants and refugee communities in Dane County. She has focused her life’s work on being leader and advocate for children and families in this community and beyond.  Mrs. Hamdan was honored with numerous  awards recognizing her  for her excellent community service and  outstanding work, these awards include Women of Distinction Award sponsored by the YWCA,  These The National Association of Social Workers – Distinguished Service Award, Village People Water Bearer Award, Rainbow Project – Extra Mile Award, Business Forum ATHENA Award, Madison College Community Councils of Color, YWCA Women of Distinction, Muriel Pipkins Award (Mentoring Positives) , McDowell Alumni Achievement Award, United Way Volunteer Award, La Movida’s Making a Difference Award, School of Social Work Distinguished Field Supervisor Award, and Si Se Puede2017 (Madison365): The Most Powerful Latinos in Wisconsin, and United Way 2020 Women United Philanthropy Award. Mrs. Hamdan has created and served on several committees and community initiatives over the past 25 years that have greatly benefited the community and vulnerable people. She is the perfect embodiment of a professional that works on all three levels – individual/family, team/group, and system/community.