Meeryoung Kim

Credentials: MSSW ’92, PhD '01

Position title: Professor

headshot of Meeryoung Kim

Meeryoung Kim has served as a Professor of Daegu University in Korea for 20 years. She founded the Institute of Aging in Daegu University and served as a chair for 8 years. She is actively involved in the Gerontological Society of America (GSA). In 2019, she received the GSA Fellow Award. She founded the Korean/Korean American and Aging (KKAA) IG in GSA. She is currently working as a co-convener of KKAA-IG GSA and is also a co-chair of the Korean Professors’ Association. She has published more than 40 articles in Korean Social Science Index Journals and presented more than 30 articles in international conferences including GSA. In 2022, she received the Proud Alumni Award from the UW-Madison’s Korean Alumni Association. She actively serves as a committee member of the UW Korean Alumni Association.