Advising Services in the School of Social Work

Advising Overview

Advisors can make a large university seem less formidable. Come in at least once a semester to review your progress, check requirements, and plan for next semester. Academic advising is available to current and prospective undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Social Work. To make an appointment with an advisor, visit our Advising Appointments page.

We provide advising to all social work and social welfare undergraduates and all Master's level students. Individual faculty provide advising to all PhD students, first through a temporary advisor when a doctoral student enters the program, and then through a permanent advisor or Major Professor who also serves as the Chair of the student's dissertation committee.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

All Social Work students should be aware of their rights and responsibilities. Make sure to review the MSW & BSW Student Rights and Responsibilities for details.

Advising Compact

The University holds advisors and students accountable to the following responsibilities as part of an advising compact. Below are the general guidelines - select a link above for more program-specific advising information.

Students are responsible for:
  • Knowing the requirements of your particular academic program, selecting courses that meet those requirements in an appropriate time frame, and monitoring progress towards graduation
  • Consulting with the appropriate advisor to handle questions and concerns
  • Scheduling and keeping academic advising appointments in a timely manner
  • Being prepared for advising appointments (for example: bring a transcript, a DARS (if you are an undergraduate student); come prepared with a list of questions or concerns; have a tentative schedule of classes in mind, and/or come prepared to discuss interests / goals with the advisor)
Advisors are responsible for:
  • Assisting students to clarify their values, goals, and academic potential
  • Providing information about educational options, requirements, policies, & procedures
  • Helping students plan educational programs consistent with the requirements of their degree program and with their own goals, interests, and abilities
  • Assisting students in the continual monitoring and evaluation of their educational progress
  • Helping students to locate and integrate the many resources of the University to meet their unique needs and aspirations
Career Advising

Career Advising is formally provided by SuccessWorks (formerly Career Services in the College of Letters &Science). To make an appointment with a College of Letters & Sciences career advisor, please visit this page.