Sandy and Joel
Sandy and Joel


The School of Social Work needs and wants the most qualified and dedicated individuals interested in becoming social workers to apply for our MSW programs — regardless of their financial situation.

To that end, we are proud to offer the Harriet Rosenbaum Scholarship for students in both the Full-Time and Part-Time MSW programs. This scholarship provides full tuition and fees, plus a stipend.

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide assistance to newly accepted MSW students who have financial need and a long-term commitment to working in the social work profession following graduation.

The scholarship honors the memory of MSSW graduate Ethel Sandra “Sandy” Rosenbaum and her mother Harriet Abelson Rosenbaum, MSW. Both had strong ties to UW-Madison. Harriet earned her undergraduate degree at UW-Madison and her masters at Smith College. Sandy earned her BA in Psychology and Sociology and her Masters in Social Work at UW-Madison. Both believed in the power of social work to transform lives.

Joel Berman
Joel Berman

These scholarships were made possible thanks to the largest gift to date to the School of Social Work by Sandy’s husband, Joel F. Berman, CEO and founder of Iatric Systems, Inc. “Sandy pursued social work because she saw people in need growing up in New York City and wanted to help them, and because of her mother Harriet, who, as a social worker in New York, exemplified the transformational impact one can have on a person’s life through this work,” Berman says. “This gift fulfills Sandy’s dream of honoring her mother by encouraging more students to pursue social work, thereby bringing more social workers into our communities.”


You must first apply to an MSW Program through the UW-Madison Graduate School before starting the Rosenbaum application process.

Don’t wait to hear about your admission status before applying for this scholarship. If you’re applying to the Full-Time MSW Program, you’ll be notified of your admission status and if you received the Rosenbaum scholarship at the same time in early March. If you’re applying to the Part-Time MSW Program, you’ll likely be notified of your admissions status first, and then be notified if you received the Rosenbaum in May.

  1. Sign into WiSH using your Net ID and password
  2. Submit the General Application (this is a very short application every student is required to complete using the WiSH system)
    1. Note: When it asks which School/College you intend to graduate from, select College of Letters & Science which includes the School of Social Work.
  3. Submit the application for the Harriet & Sandra Rosenbaum Scholarship Full-Time MSW Program or Harriet & Sandra Rosenbaum Scholarship Part-Time MSW Program. Be sure to select the correct one according to which MSW Program you applied for through the Graduate School application.

If you encounter technical difficulties with the online application, please contact: scholarships@socwork.wisc.edu.

Sandy and Joel
Sandy and Joel
Program Level
Eligibility Criteria
Financial Need
Good Academic Standing
Award Amount
Full tuition, fees, and yearly stipend
Award Category
Year Established