Today is Indigenous Peoples Day

Today is Indigenous Peoples Day and at UW-Madison, it is a good time to remember and reflect on the history and people indigenous to this region. The following statement is in the signature line of a dear friend, and fellow UW-Madison colleague, whose indigenous ancestry shapes her lived experience and advocacy for the land we inhabit and the people from whom this land was stolen.

I acknowledge the Ho-Chunk Nation on whose lands I am grateful to work and live on, as a guest. I deeply respect the knowledge embedded in the Ho-Chunk’s custodianship of Teejop (DeJope), & recognize their continuing connection to land, water, and community here at UW.

A powerful statement that I felt was worth sharing, with her permission.

Here is a story in the local Isthmus paper from one year ago that provides some context and background for those who are unfamiliar with the region’s history, and which I encourage you to read.

Please see our: Land Acknowledgement.

Kristen S. Slack, PhD
Professor, Interim Director, and PhD Program Chair