Part-Time Program Student Spotlight: Grace Allen

The Part-Time MSW Program is designed to allow students who are not able to pursue full-time study to work towards a master’s degree on a structured, time-extended basis with classes delivered in a hybrid manner: using in-person sessions and online technology.  Some courses are designed as blended courses with a mix of online learning and in-person sessions while others are taught as online courses. In-person sessions take place every other Saturday on our Madison campus. 

Grace Allen

Job title and organization:
Mental Health Care Coordinator in Outpatient Services at Journey Mental Health

Year in the program:
Second year advanced standing. Graduating May 2021

Focus area:
Mental Health

How would you describe your experience in the Part-Time MSW Program?
I have really started to develop my clinical skills. I am developing a great knowledge for clinical social work and how to work with clients in a therapeutic setting.

Why did you choose the Part-Time Program?
I wanted to have the flexibility to work while in school. Being able to work part time at Journey while participating in the Part-Time Program has really enhanced my school experience. It’s great to be able to apply and observe what you’re learning in class to your work.

What has been your favorite course so far in the program and why?
Assessing and Treating Children and Adolescents with Rachel Dunn. Rachel was a fabulous instructor! She brought in different resources and books we could use and also has a wealth of knowledge for how to work with children and adolescents. She made the class fun and engaging!

How do you think the Part-Time MSW Program has prepared you for entering the field?
It has given me an opportunity to strengthen my skills as a clinician. It has challenged me to think deeper about what mental health treatment looks like and how we, as social workers, can strive to make that treatment more client-centered and trauma focused.

What is one thing you wish you would have known before starting the program?Hmmmmm… I can’t think of anything.

What would you say to someone who is considering the program?
Do it! The instructors are not only so knowledgeable and experienced, but are also incredibly kind and understanding. Having instructors who are currently working in the field provides your classes with great real-world experiences to draw from. Not to mention, many people in your cohort are working in the field so the wealth of knowledge that is present in the classroom is so valuable. The Part-Time aspect provides for a lot of flexibility with school which is essential when you’re working.