Admissions Committee

Strategic Plan Progress Report Out April 2021

Committee Name: Admissions Committee

Committee Members: Tracy Schroepfer, Michelle Helmer, Katie Larsen-Klodd, Steph Van Pay, Mackenzie Otterson, Cindy Waldeck, Alison Meier, Amanda Zuehlke, Tom Wirth, Patricia Egan, Annette Copa, Brenda Heideman, Amanda Ngola, Jake Shuldies, Stefanie Primm, Sarah Valencia, Josh Lapin, Lucas Moore, Jessica Pac, Yoona Kim, Evelyn Coker & Michael Hoffmeister.

Strategic Plan Goal: Increase the diversity of our students, (staff, faculty, and other governing bodies.)

Objective: Increase the acceptance numbers of applicants of color and those identifying as male and gender non-conforming by determining and addressing barriers that current admissions policies and processes may present.

Progress on goal since February 2021

  1. Full-Time Program Admissions

The Admissions Committee has completed our Full-Time Program Admissions cycle, and we are still in the midst of the Part-Time Program Cycle. Applications for Part-Time MSW Generalists are due May 1st.

A comparison of Full-Time Program data for the Fall 2020 and Fall 2021 admissions cycles reveals positive trends with regard to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) applicants. The number of BIPOC individuals applying to the Program increased by 22%, admission offers by 46%, and number enrolling by 28%. Overall, the percentage of the incoming class identifying as BIPOC increased by 3.77 resulting in BIPOC students comprising 27.5% of the Fall 2021 incoming class.

When the data from the Fall 2018 Admissions cycle are compared to the Fall 2021 cycle, positive trends are also evident. The number of BIPOC applicants increased by 32.6%, admission offers by 75.9%, and a 220% increase in BIPOC students accepting an offer of admission. Finally, from 2018 to 2021 an 82.2% increase took place in BIPOC students accepting the offer.

Our admissions goals were further supported by the Admissions Chair and Awards Chair. The Admissions Committee awarded the Ozawa, Clarke, and Topitzes Scholarships to 8 BIPOC applicant and 1 white first generation college student applicant. The Awards Committee awarded Rosenbaum Scholarships to three BIPOC students. The result of these awards is that 34% of incoming BIPOC students in the Full-Time MSW program are receiving funding.

Full-Time MSW Fall 2018 Fall 2019 Fall 2020 Fall 2021 % Change 2020 – 21 % Change 2018-21
All Applicants 237 255 229 234 +2.18% -1.26%
Applicants Admitted 158 175 172 179 +4% +13.29%
Applicants Accepted Offer* 77 87 94 116^ +23.4% +50.6%
BIPOC Applicants* 49 66 53 65 +16% +73%
BIPOC Admitted* 29 48 35 51 +46% +75.9%
BIPOC Accepted Offer* 10 24 25 32 +28% +220%

*5 students received deferrals from Fall 2020 to Fall 2021 including 2 BIPOC students. The deferrals are included in the initial applicants, and admitted applicants in Fall 2020, but moved over to Fall 2021 for “Accepted offer” rows.

^Based on data from past years, this number is likely to decrease as applicants who confirmed decide to withdraw prior to enrolling for Fall 2021.

  1. Changes to MSW Application

The Admissions Committee Addressed the major changes to our application for the Fall 2021 application cycle by holding Focus groups and a Qualtrics survey of the 18 Application Reviewers. 11 members attended 1 of 2 focus group sessions, and 7 additional reviewers completed a Qualtrics Survey. The focus groups discussed all aspects of the application process, and specifically addressed our changes around questions addressing diversity. Reviewers provided suggestions that the Admissions Committee intends to implement in advance of the Summer and Fall 2022 application cycle.