Awards Committee

Winter Retreat Progress Report Out 2021

February 12, 2021

Awards Committee

Committee Members: Katherine Magnuson, Latoya Kirton, Laura Dresser, Jooyoung Kong, Yang Xiong, Tally Moses, Lauren Bishop, Cindy Waldeck, Russ Portier, Jaime Goldberg

Strategic Plan Goal: Increase the diversity of our students, faculty, staff, and other governing bodies.

Objective 1: Revise Rosenbaum Scholarship questions to prioritize applicants from historically underrepresented groups, who contribute to the diversity of our community and remove barriers to apply.


  • The committee had a record number of applications for student awards. The committee distributed 27 awards to the most diverse group of recipients in Fall Competition history. Thirteen of the awards went to students of color compared to just 4 last year. Twelve awards went to Full-Time MSW students, 12 awards went to Part-Time MSW students, and 3 awards went to undergraduate BSW and Social Welfare majors out of the 4 awards that undergraduates are eligible for. Fifteen of the MSW students are Advanced Generalists, and 9 are Generalists.
  • Cindy Waldeck will be working with Jason Lee to feature awardees that opt in to be featured on our social media sites.
  • The committee revised the application for awards for next year’s fall 2021 awards competition to include a question about how the applicant will increase diversity in the field of social work (coordinated with the MSW program application question on this topic). The committee also added a rating item to the award application reviews to correspond to this question.
  • Moving forward, the committee will discussing how to make sure all students are aware of the School’s scholarships.
  • Summary: The committee has made much progress in ensuring that a highly deserving and diverse set of students receive departmental awards.