“Healing in Rhythm:” Alum’s Equine Therapy Practice

Photo of Laura Mengars standing next to horse
Laura Mengars/ Photo by Cassandra VerHage of c.verhage.photo

“Since I was young, I can remember always loving horses,” explains Laura Mengars, MSW ’13. A psychotherapist, this year Laura has taken that passion to found “Healing in Rhythm,” an equine-assisted therapy practice specializing in trauma, substance abuse, and other mental health challenges.

While many people are familiar with using dogs as service and therapy animals, working with horses “offers the opportunity to experience healing and change in a trauma informed, non-judgmental setting, and space to explore oneself and work towards one’s goals in a safe space supported by trained professionals.” One particularly interesting option is Equine Connected EMDR.  Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a proven modality in the treatment of trauma as well as other mental health disorders.

More information about “Healing in Rhythm” can be found at: healinginrhythm.com