Nancy Saíz, MSW ’02, Named a “Women of Distinction”

Nancy Saíz sitting inside, wearing green jacket
Nancy Saíz

Since 1974 the YWCA of Madison, WI has celebrated the achievements of outstanding women whose community service, professional achievement, integrity, and leadership have made significant contributions to their community. School alum Nancy Saíz was born in Mexico City and moved to Madison to pursue her undergraduate and graduate education.

After working in health care settings and seeing the growth of the Latinx community, “Nancy realized the nonprofit world in Madison was not enough on its own, despite its good work, to sustainably solve the systemic problems that have deep roots in racial capitalism that continue to oppress the poor and communities of color.” Since 2010, Nancy has worked at the City of Madison’s Community Development Division, where she addresses and helps solve the systemic problems that affect the communities she serves.

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