Clinical Assistant Professor Jaime Goldberg’s Research on Caregivers Featured

Jaime Goldberg standing in front of her conference poster.
Dr. Jaime Goldberg

Clinical Assistant Professor Jaime Goldberg‘s research on caregivers was highlighted recently in a couple of venues. The PBS publication, Next Avenue, which focuses on the needs of older adults, ran a story about caregiving in complicated family dynamics that highlighted Dr. Goldberg’s disseration research on caring for parents who created harm. “I wanted to help these family members set boundaries which would allow them to stay safe and focus on their own well-being,” Goldberg is quoted as saying.

She also presented a poster at the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine Annual Assembly in March entitled, “Retraumatization When an Adult Child Cares for the Parent Who Harmed Them Through Serious Illness or the End of Life.”

Dr. Goldberg started as a Clinical Assistant Professor for the school this semester after receiving a PhD in 2023. Her professional and research interests include aging, health, palliative care, interpforessional education and practice.