Caro Cruys Receives Dissertation Research Award

Headshot of Caro inside. They have curly orangish hair and are wearing a black shirt
Caro Cruys

PhD student Caro Cruys has received the Hyde Dissertation Research Award from the Center for Research on Gender and Women. This competitive award supports social science dissertation research on gender and women’s studies-related work. As Caro explains, “My dissertation research aims to explore transgender and gender expansive former foster youths’ experiences of and perspectives on resilience, resistance, and gender identity development.” They intend to use the award to compensate interviewees and community participants, and pay for transcription at a company owned by a woman of color.

Caro was previously selected for a Social Work Policy Fellowship. Their broader research interests include sexual and relational health of LGBTQ folks, particularly those involved in the foster care and carceral systems.